"The feet are the most important yet most neglected part of the body when it comes to our exercise and training programs. When the feet do their job, the rest of the body is capable of aligning properly, eliminating pain and improving sports performances." 

Zig Ziegler, The Sports Kinesiologist


The  only "IN SHOE SYSTEM"  for introducing exercise to your feet inside your shoes  
Once the muscles of your foot begin to activate and function as they were intended, you experience a relief in pressure as the insoles stimulate the nerves allow natural walking action to strengthen foot muscles, improving ​balance and circulation while bringing your body back into natural, healthy alignment from head to toe! This renewed activation of the muscles of your feet will cause breakthroughs in foot health, knee, hip and back issues, posture, and sports performance! 

​Our Arch Activation and Foot Strengthening Insoles are the "ONLY IN SHOE SYSTEM" which will return your foot it it's natural shape -relieving pressure, strengthening foot muscles, improving ​balance and circulation, and bringing your body back into natural, healthy alignment.


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Achieving Fitness From the Ground Up by Strengthening the Feet


Discover how to transform the function of your feet and how to realign the body with foot strengthening and corrective exercises. Upon completion, start improving the fitness level of your feet and realigning your entire body from head to toe!

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"Your feet are the most important yet most neglected part of your body when it comes to your health & fitness."



The Barefoot Science system is designed to stimulate and strengthen the foot's supporting muscles as you advance through the progressively higher insert levels
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"Barefoot Science insoles are an essential tool for anyone with feet."

Zig Ziegler - The Sports Kinesiologist